Beauty 101: Best Foundation For Your Skin Type

When it comes to foundations it is very important to know your skin type in order to see what foundation is best for your type of skin.


If your skin is Normal your skin isn’t too oily nor to dry, you have small pores, and your skin is evenThere really isn’t a specific foundation type you, you can use any foundation, it just all depends on what you want your skins end result to be. (e.g. MUFE HD Foundation) 

If your skin is Oily you tend to get oily quicker, have all over shine, and you have larger pores. Obviously getting rid of that shine is your number 1 goal, trust me I understand. So your best foundation would be an oil-free foundation or my favorite a mattifing Foundation which is also oil-free. (e.g. MUFE Mat Velvet, KatVonD Lock it Foundation)

If your skin is Dry then your face looks and feels dry and tight,  there are certain areas of your skin that are flaky and dry. You want a foundation that is hydrating and moisturizing. (e.g.Laura Mercier Moisture Suprême Foundation)

If you have Combination skin then your T-zone gets oily but your skin on your cheeks is normal to dry. You want a foundation that is oil-free and full coverage. (e.g. NARS All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation, MUFE Mat Velvet)

For Sensitive skin it is important that you choose a foundation that is hypoallergenic, moisturizing, fragrance free, paraben free, and that has sunscreen. (e.g. Cover FX)

Of course finding your perfect foundation is a pain, but when shopping for foundations Sephora offers full refund with a receipt if you don’t like it which is a plus. Just make sure to return it soon. You can also ask them for a sample of a foundation you’re thinking of purchasing so you know your making the right investment.  XOXO – Steph Michelle

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